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This development is also sustained in this study, based on the comparative monitoring of the health and conformity indices of milk acquired from traditional collecting centers and from close circuit farms belonging to a processing company. The quality of the milk derived from the two collecting sources situated in the central area of Transylvania was analyzed in comparison, based on the data obtained in the auto-control tests performed by the processing company.

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The analysis of this investigated parameters indicated very high level of conformity for the freezing point In contrast, for the aerobic plate count APC and for the somatic cell count SCC data showed a very high degree of compliance to standards in case of milk collected from farms with closed systems The results confirmed the quality level of the feed floristic composition, welfare and health of lactating cows in closed circuit farms, in comparison with those found in traditional thermal venom fat burner centers.

The global analysis of the obtained values reveal high level of cellular and microbial content in the milk mixture subjected to processing, showing a low level of compliance to standards Key words: feed base, lactating cows, milk conformity, processing, dairy products Introduction The increase of feed quality, safety, security and traceability of dairy products requires the integration of the production, processing and development procedures in the current concept of the milk chain Râmniceanu, The implementation of these complex forms of management in the commercial company is based on the functioning of integrated systems for health surveillance of the animal- dairy product —consumer chain Ognean, ; Farnworth, These kind of chains offer advantages regarding the integrated monitoring of feed quality and health of lactating cows, evaluated on the basis of hygienic and sanitary parameters of the collected milk and processed products Turek et al.

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A large part of commercial farms are fitted with automatic systems, which verify cellular content and electric conductibility of milk, in order to monitor the conformity and health of the produced milk Carey, ; Harmon, ; Ognean et al.

This study is also focused in this direction, for evaluating thermal venom fat burner conformity degree of milk collected from different areas with the European standards, regarding the fact that in our country the proportion of conform milk is still low Giurcaet et al. The research coincided whit the study period of strategies and agricultural policies of the European Institute in Romania, allowing the comparison of our results with national data Giurcaet et al.

Milk collection network.

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In the investigated period, the company processed high quantities of milk, collected from several centers of traditional network situated in the central area of Transylvania with low degree of classification in the European standards.

In addition, milk obtained in the company farms chain with closed system represented a source of fit milk. The chain with closed circuit.

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In order to obtain the fit milk in these farms the condition of feed, zoo-hygiene and surveillance of milking and mammary health were optimal Feeding, based mainly on grazing half-hay and concentrates, assured a medium level of lactation of L for RS and of L for HF. The appropriate requirements for loose housing were technologically assured, with sandwich like shelters, fitted with individual bunk on permanent litter, natural ventilation and illumination, maternity and nursery for calves. The related facilities were at the same standards: veterinary thermal venom fat burner, lockers, bushing whit separate milking facility.

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Milking procedure involved the use of background music to stimulate the lactoejection, and measures of hygiene and monitoring of mammary health: removing the first jets and their examination by Contrast tests Rotaru and Ognean, ; cleaning and disinfection of the udder before milking individual pads ; thermal venom fat burner the electric conductibility of the milk mS and disinfection of the udder after milking with protective film-forming solutions.

Using collection tanks with thermal venom fat burner programming and automatic systems for wash and disinfection, the condition of hygiene and cooling of the milked milk were also assured.

The strategy for detection of mammary infections based on the computerized monitoring of milk electric conductibility or based on the results to Contrast and Waikato tests had a major impact Ognean, ; Rotaru and Ognean, The cows diagnosed with mastitis during lactation were mainly treated with intra-mammary antibiotic suspensions Mastiject, Sinulox and milked separately during the waiting period.

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Relevant measures were also applied in the transition to the non-lactating period: sudden weaning in association whit a selective diet for 24 hours and intra-mammary treatment whit retard antibiotics, followed by the obstruction of the teat canal whit a disinfectant gel. For the health surveillance of the lactating cows and milked milk we resorted to periodic evaluation of the ketone bodies level, using Ketostiks bands and the individual determination of basic milk physico-chemical parameters fat, protein, dry matter, density, freezing point, titratable aciditywith Ecomilk equipment Sabău and Rotaru, Performed investigations.

Representative samples were collected from the raw milk and dairy products and were subjected to the physico-chemical, microbiological and cytological testing.

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The standardized procedures and methods approved by the national and European legislation were adopted for the collection and investigation of raw milk and dairy products Mihaiu and Rotaru, These methods were based on automatic system for counting milk cells SomaScoper MKII and Fossomatic and standard methods for microbiologic investigations Carey, ; Harmon, ; Ognean, ; Thermal venom fat burner and Rotaru, In order to perform the tests for the udder health surveillance of cows and for the safety of the sold products, the processing company appealed to the service of some specialized laboratories, partners of the auto-control program.

Data obtained to the performed testing were interpreted in correlation whit the results recorded in the official controls, adding that the processing company apply the HACCP system for the food security and safety.

To support this development the average values recorded at the tests performed on a sample ofliters of raw milk are relevant: 3.

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In contrast, the dynamic of the hygienico-sanitary indices showed important differences between the two categories of collection sources, revealing a high conformity level of milk produced in farms with closed circuit. In this regard we consider significant the recorded low average levels for APC The analysis of the physico-chemical thermal venom fat burner and the comparison of these results whit those reported by other researchers in the field, reveal the positioning of the determined values within the physiological ranges, whit oscillations compatible whit processing standards, including temperature and contamination degree Ayala-Hernandez et al, ; Mihaiu and Rotaru On the other hand, low levels of the microbiological and cytological content of the milk derived from farms with closed circuit confirmed the remarkable conditions for feeding, maintenance, hygiene and healthy assured on the milk chain.

To ensure high levels of quality and health indices pierdere în greutate carne de vită milk produced in these farms, also contributed the automatic mastitis detection through monitoring the electrical conductivity of milk.

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In addition, data regarding 3 Universitatea de Științe Agricole și Medicină Veterinară Iași heat expression, the thermal venom fat burner venom fat burner of milk production and the ablactation were also provided.

The high degree of effectiveness of the chain whit close circuit was reflected by the remarkable technical level of the equipment used for collecting and cooling milk, washing and disinfection of the milking installations and especially for the preliminary testing of milk at farm level.

Thermal venom fat burner should be noted also that none of the cows whit mammary infections presented changes of the general status, although in some cows mastitis was clinically expressed. The evolution of the values recorded at the basic auto-control, was largely confirmed by the results of the official controls. The analysis of all the data obtained on a total number of 20, samples, reveal the development of very high levels of situation in the fit category for the freezing point and contamination degree: Table 1.

The mean values and standards for main microbiological and cytological parameters of milk taken from farms with closed circuit, routes of reception and collection centers Results.

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