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Inat the clinical presentation, she had abdominal pain, asthenia, and weight loss. Splenomegaly, signs of flogosis, sideropenic anemia, and cholestasis were observed. Laparoscopic abdominal exploration and histological analysis demonstrated noncaseating granulomas of the liver, abdominal lymph nodes, and mesenteric connective tissue.

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The clinical course was severe with episodic remissions and recrudescences characterized by ascites mild or moderateelevation of bilirubin levels mean: 1. Inthe patient had variceal bleeding. Complete hemostasis was obtained with band ligation.

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Liver function was preserved, and until the disease remained stable. Inthe patient became pregnant. At the 36th week of gestation, the patient delivered a healthy female infant and afterwards remained in clinical remission.

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This report stresses that sarcoidosis can have a hepatic and mesenteric involvement in absence portal hypertension pierdere în greutate thoracic lymphadenopathy. Portal hypertension may be severe, and in absence of cirrhosis it may be associated with portal thrombosis.

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Finally, portal hypertension in patients with hepatic sarcoidosis and preserved liver function should not be considered as an absolute contraindication to pregnancy.